Where To Place Your ATM

High Traffic Areas to Place Your ATM

When people need cash from ATMs, they need it right where they are—and fast. The saying in real estate is ‘location, location, location’ for a reason. Having a strategic location for your Carolina ATM can help increase your profits and create a better return on your investment. You want a location for your ATM that not only has high foot traffic, but high foot traffic of people who need to pull out cash.

We put together a list of the best high-traffic areas to place your ATM so your business can be set up for success.

Best Places for ATMs:

  1. Bars, Nightclubs, and Gentleman’s Clubs: A lot of people need cash when they are enjoying a night on the town. Cash is still king and partiers will need money to get through their night. Whether it’s along a boardwalk like Myrtle Beach or the South End in Charlotte, NC, a busy spot for night owls can be beneficial to your business.
  2. Hotels: The Carolinas are a big vacation destination year-round. Whether people visit beaches, enjoy the mountains, take in fall colors, or celebrate winter holidays, they probably need cash on hand for incidentals. Hotels are great, high-traffic locations for Carolina ATMs with a constant supply of customers who need money.
  3. Gas Stations: Gas stations and convenience stores are great locations for ATMs. Convenience stores that sell gas sell about 80% of the nation’s motor fuels. This means your Carolina ATM placed in a convenience store can make an impression on the thousands of customers filtering in and out every week.
  4. Events: Festivals and events bring large crowds of people together in one spot. Attendees will likely want to purchase food, drinks, trinkets, or other items while there. Having your ATM at big events can create ample opportunities for your ATM business.
Get Your Carolina ATM in a High-Traffic Area

Putting your ATM in the right location can mean bigger business for you. For the best ATM rentals and sales on the East Coast, choose Carolina ATM. We have a wide selection of leading ATM manufacturers and we place your ATM for free.

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