Your Free ATM includes:

Free Placement & Installation

Free Placement & Installation

Free Maintenance

Free Customer Support

Free LED ATM Sign

Cash Management

Two FREE ATM Placement Options
Top Choice ATM Solutions for Businesses of Any Size

Carolina ATM is one of the East Coast’s leading ATM companies. We deliver top-tier ATM solutions across the entire region. Our strategically positioned ATMs cover key locales and major establishments, accommodating businesses of all sizes. Whether you seek to buy, lease, or acquire a complimentary ATM for your business, consider teaming up with Carolina ATM.

Your Profit

Carolina ATM is the go-to solution for all ATM placement needs. If you have a preferred location, phone line, or internet access, our experts are ready to assist. Through our Free ATM Placement & Installation initiative, you can access complimentary technical support and maintenance. Additionally, your business has the opportunity to earn a share of surcharge revenue without any monthly charges!

ATM Requirements

110 Power Outlet
Phone Line or Internet Connection

Full Service ATM Placement

For busy areas in search of an economical ATM solution, Carolina ATM's Free ATM Placement Program is a perfect fit. When you make a purchase with us, you gain access to the best customer service and a wide variety of features. These include tailored sign packages, real-time transaction capabilities, EMV upgrade kits, and online notifications.

Partial Service ATM Placement

You furnish the site for your ATM placement along with the phone line or internet access, and we offer complimentary ATM placement, installation, technical support, and upkeep — all without any charges on your end. You have the chance to earn a share of the surcharge earnings with no monthly expenses! Through the Full ATM Placement & Partial Placement programs, you can garner a percentage of the surcharge proceeds generated by the machine, which will be disbursed to you on the 15th of each month.

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