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Bringing Cash to Your Virginia Business

If you’re ready to increase the profits at your Virginia business, buying or renting an ATM is a great way to boost sales. Wondering how to take that next step? Choose Carolina ATM, a full service ATM business. We’re committed to delivering high quality, budget-friendly ATM solutions to Virginia business owners. Whether you’re looking to rent or buy, we’ll help you make the right investment

What We Do

There’s a lot more to being an independent ATM operator than buying and renting a machine, but you may worry that you don’t have the time to add extra tasks to your plate. Your machine will need regular monitoring and maintenance in order to run as smoothly as possible. That’s where Carolina ATM comes in! We’re business owners ourselves, we know what your day is like, and we’re here to help. Our services include:

  • Maintenance
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Technical support
  • Cash flow management
  • Bank outsourcing and co-branding

If you choose to purchase your machine, we’ll also take care of the installation and placement. We carry a wide variety of ATMs from the industry’s leading manufacturers, including:

  • Nautilus Hyosung Halo II
  • Nautilus Hyosung 5200
  • Genmega 2500
  • Genmega Onyx W
  • Hantle Coingoat

The Carolina ATM Difference

Virginia business owners know that Carolina ATM is their best choice for ATM machines, maintenance, and monitoring. We’re a nationwide leader in ATM sales and services with the commitment to customer satisfaction you’d expect from a small business. Every member of the Carolina ATM team is dedicated to making the process of renting or owning an ATM machine as stress-free as possible. When you let us help maintain your ATM, we’ll give you the time you need to focus on growing your business and helping it thrive.

Carolina ATM is proud to be a member of the Better Business Bureau.

How A Virginia ATM Purchase Works

When you purchase an ATM for your Virginia business:


  • You are responsible for loading the ATM with your own funds (usually a denomination of $20.00 bills). The ATMs business day is from 3pm Eastern to 3pm Eastern, so any monies that were dispensed within the ATMs business day will be deposited to your specific bank account the next day. For Example, any monies withdrawn from the ATM between Monday 3pm to Tuesday 3pm would deposit to your bank account on Wednesday morning.


  • The ATM surcharge or the ATM Fee you choose can be deposited to your bank account daily or monthly. Most merchants choose monthly as you will have one large deposit by the 10th business day of the following month. We have found it is easier to track your true income that way instead of small amounts each day throughout the month. For example: If you choose to charge $3.00 and you do 200 surcharged withdrawals for the month of December you would make the following: $3.00 x 200 Surcharged withdrawals = $600.00.The deposit of $600.00 would deposit by the 10th business day of January.


  • ATM PACKAGE BONUS: If you choose our extended warranty your Virginia business will receive Free ATM Paper, Free ATM Parts and Free ATM Labor on your Carolina ATM for as long as you own the ATM. This is an optional feature, however it comes in very handy in the event there are service issues in the future!


Once the decision on your Virginia ATM has been made, the forms listed on our website will need to be completely filled out and signed and faxed back to us.


  • W9 filled out completely
  • Carolina ATM Processing Agreement Signed in all places and returned.
  • ACH Authorization with cancelled check (where we deposit your money back to)(cannot be a starter check)
  • Bank sponsorship agreement completely filled out Section A & B Only (Signed twice) (this is for the person responsible of loading the ATM or the owner)(If any owner has more than 10% ownership they will need to fill out this document)


We at Carolina ATM are confident you will be happy with our Virginia ATM services while we provide you with the opportunity to optimize your income! We look forward to earning your business and speaking with you soon! Please call us to discuss any questions you may have!


Still have questions? Visit our FAQs page.


Want to talk with our Virginia ATM experts? Contact Us or give us a call 1-800-590-5044

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